Born in Roses, Girona (Spain) and soon moved to Valencia where I studied my degree in Industrial Design specialised in furniture and habitat. Then I studied a Master's degree in Multimedia Applications for the Internet while working in the university.

I participated as member and founder of the designers group Zigzag Diseņo Global developing diverse industrial, graphic and web projects. During this time I also collaborated in Salvador Villalba's Study of Interior Design.

After gaining all that experience, I started working as a graphic designer in Rotulos Ayllon and then moved to Barcelona to an industrial designer position in the same company.

While in Barcelona, I continued doing some freelance work as a graphic and web designer and worked in Nexegrafik following this profile.

In 2007 I moved to UK and worked in Plymouth as a web designer in Bluestone for a couple of months and then became a CAD designer in Princess Yachts International where I stayed untill I moved to Edinburgh in 2010.

At the moment I am working as a freelance, developing web, graphic and industrial projects.
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